Wednesday, May 23, 2007

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Radio Friend Ships

Listen to Friend Ships radio show and be encouraged, be motivated, be inspired, be challenged, be a volunteer and be a missionary...

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Friend Ships Radio Blog said...

Please click post a comment to give any feedback you have related to the Friend Ships Radio shows that you have heard... Thank you from the Friend Ships Radio Team.

Anonymous said...

I listen to Friendships every morning on the way to work. I really enjoy listening and am planning on becoming part of the Friendships team very soon. Thank you are airing such an amazing show and I hope to be with you soon.

Anonymous said...

I listen to the Friend Ships radio program just about every day. There hasn't been an interview or book reading that has not inspired me to live out a life of faithful obedience.

Patricia said...

I enjoy listening to the broadcast, and am very much encouraged by the FriendShips ministry. I also have a question: What is the music played during the beginning and ending of the radio broadcast? It sounds Jewish, and it is beautiful!
Thank you, Patricia

Radio FS Producer said...

Thank you Patricia,

Yes we have truly been blessed with the gift of some inspiring music from a wonderful group of Jewish people who reside in Jerusalem. They are friends of Don and Sondra Tipton and of the Friend Ships Ministry.
We have interviewed Barry and Batya Segal on past programs. I am sure that you will enjoy listening to these by going to the podcast sites and listening to them there or downloading them.
Find the programs for 10/25, 10/26, and 11/02.
There they will speak of what there music is about and there will also be some examples of a few of their other songs.
You may find more information on how to obtain their music or simply encourage them by going to
Also, we would love to speak with you as you have been an encouragement to us by your comment. Please call 337-433-5022.

I look forward to hearing from you!

God Bless you and your loved ones,
Jeff Reed

Anonymous said...

Me and My husband both enjoy listening to your radio show. It is such a gift. Just like Patricia said the beginning music , it is beautiful! My husband listens to you on his way to work. God has put on our hearts this ministry and we will be volunteering soon. May God continue to use you in a very special way as you walk by faith.

Nick said...

I tune in every now and then on the web and have really enjoyed the interviews, most recently the readings from 'Jesus and Company'. My wife and I have listened together on a few occasions to some of the interviews and are constantly encouraged by what the Lord achieves through Friend Ships.

Anonymous said...

Dear Director of Friend Ships Radio,

Thank you so much for all the awesome interviews you have done over the radio. I have received many "jewels" from your talks and have been ministered to.

One of my favorite shows was when Jeff interviewed Sondra about being a Spiritual Wife as well as other things that go along with being a woman of God.

My husband and I are a young couple stepping out by Faith into the unknown. I am now facing a lot of things you have talked about on that broadcasting and I would like to make a request for Sondra to come back and do a Part II of being a spiritual wife.

What submission truly means? What if God talks to me and not my husband? How to approach my husband if I do not have peace about a situation? And the ultimate if I feel that we are out of God's will and he does not, how to submit with actions and in thought? And some stories Sondra would have in her own walk as a Godly wife and woman.

A lot of these things have not come up but I would like to be prepared as a woman of God when they do.

I am sure a lot of Godly woman would love some Godly advice about these things that could help them in their marriage.

Thank you again for stepping out and for your time.